Siray offers customers various forms of cooperation: from the outsourcing of all communication activities to the training of internal personnel devoted to media relations and external relations, to the development of specific projects (events, conferences, publications) to the support of relations with communication devices. In a capsule, the Company offers management consulting on all aspects of communication related to media starting from the identification of the client's objectives and the elaboration of the Strategic Plan of media affairs.

Starting from the analysis of the shared values of the costumer's structure and mission, the brand identity is developed, including logo, format of communication, corporate image).

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses and mapping of the single public sentiment towards the brand and the competition; definition of the positioning / aim and of the related strategy of communication media.

Definition of a comprehensive global approach and creation of  moments of focused dialogue with leading members of the local, national and EU regulations.

Press office, promotion through the media, coordination and management of the press release.

Definition of advertising strategy and coordination of the implementation together with specialized structure; media strategy and planning.

Identification of suitable strategies to reach the business objectives of the client, planning and implementing of individual projects in coordination with any specialized structure.

Identification and administration of tools and messages for a proper and effective handling of the flow of communication within the company.

Coordination of the process of financial communications managed by specialized companies, in accordance with the informative Prospectus and the strategy identified by sponsors and advisors.

Strategic processing, management and development of communication agencies and cultural institutions with the creation of ad hoc projects.

Definition of crisis scenarios and training of the qualified team for the management and sharing of an adequate response.

Concept, implementation strategy, choice location, mailing management and secretariat.

Developing positioning strategies for the web through the use of websites, blogs and social networks. Customer service in the field of graphic design, layout and content for the web.