Siray was born in 2012 on an initiative of Livia Aymonino and Silvio Sircana who in 1997 had already given birth to the “Sircana & Partners”, a consulting company for corporate communication with social and operative headquarters in Milan.
In 2004, following the mandate of Silvio Sircana at Ferrovie dello Stato (State Railways), where he took the position of Director of External Relations and Advertising, Livia Aymonino became the sole owner of "Sircana & Partners".
In 2006 she sold the majority share to new members that in 2009 took its total control, changing mission and business name. In the years between 2005 and 2012, the two partners followed different paths: Livia Aymonino continued her consulting activities primarily in the communication of cultural initiatives and events, Silvio Sircana worked on the organization of the election campaign of Romano Prodi for the 2006 elections, after assuming the position of Speaker of the Government and becoming Member of the Parliament. In 2008 he was elected Senator.
Siray is a small structure that offers a quality approach to the customer. Aymonino and Sircana, supported by a professional staff, integrate themselves with companies and institutions, analyzing the customer needs, working closely with management and providing appropriate solutions to improve the communication performance. An extensive network of professionals in the fields of graphic design, web design, creative advertising, copy - writing, event management is offered to the customer and coordinated by Siray, which operates as the project manager.